20 Most Promising Java Development Solution Providers - 2016

20 Most Promising Java Development Solution Providers - 2016

The emerging infrastructure of smart devices and computers interconnected by networks represent a new environment for software—an environment that presents new challenges and offers new opportunities to software developers. Designed for networks, Java is well equipped and designed with the concept of “write once and run everywhere” to help software developers overcome challenges and seize opportunities presented by this new computing environment. With the need for more accomplished versions of business solutions, new Java frameworks are being developed to thrash the competition from many other programming languages. One of the powerful aspects of the Java language is that it allows multiple threads of execution to run concurrently within the same program. Java has evolved from a simple language providing interactive dynamic content for web pages to a predominant enterprise-enabled programming language suitable for developing significant and critical applications.

Compared with programs compiled for specific hardware and operating systems, platform-independent programs written in Java are easier and cheaper to develop, administer, and maintain. Today, it is used for many types of applications that are being widely used by the companies across verticals like telecom and finance to streamline their processes alongside optimization of resources.

 In the last few months, we have looked at scores of solution providers in the field of Java arena and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of tackling challenges. In our selection process, we looked at the vendors’ capability to fulfill the need for cost-effective and flexible solutions that add value to the Java landscape.

 We present you CIO Review’s 20 Most Promising Java Development Solution Providers 2016

Company Name

Company Description

Aerospike Providing a new class of real-time, context-driven applications that personalize the consumer experience across the Internet
Appcelerator Delivering native cross-platform apps at the speed of web, mobilizing any data source, and driving success with real-time analytics
Azul Systems Azul Systems builds fully-supported, standards-compliant Java runtimes for enterprises' embedded systems
Belatrix Software By combining deep agile development expertise and design thinking, the company delivers high-quality, engaging software experiences to their customers
Boston Technology Providing deep experience in Java frameworks, web services, scripting languages and UI design combined with flexible development approach
Chariot Solutions An IT consulting firm specializing in application development and systems integration using Java and open source technologies
China Systems Provides integrated front-end and back-office platform for internal and external deployment at a domestic, regional or global level
Coherent Solutions A custom software development consulting company that provides Java application development
EffectiveSoft Providing software development services, with primary focus on MS Stack, Java, PHP and mobile technologies
GROUP9 BV GROUP9 BV is an IT Consultancy company that delivers professional java professionals and integrated implementation of new software in order to achieve maximum business productivity for customers
Iflexion Delivering highly productive, and scalable Java-based solutions to Fortune 500 companies
InfoBeans InfoBeans offers process driven Java solution that ensures on-time delivery, at minimal cost
INSART A software development company with a solid expertise in Java EE, JavaScript, cloud solutions, and all the related technologies
Marlabs Marlabs Software has an immense domain knowledge and expertise in Java platform, building several advanced applications for clients using Java
OSSCube Helping enterprises to build world-class Java-based business applications to deliver mission critical solutions
Oxagile Providing a full spectrum of custom software services, including web and mobile application development
Sphere Software Providing a full range of Java development services using latest technology, and Agile development methodology
Symphony Solutions Provides IT, BPO, and consultancy services and solutions in custom software development, product and mobile development, and network and system management
Tiempo Development Tiempo Development's Java developers create programs that are robust with a high-level of performance
Trigent Software Helping organizations design, and develop enterprise class Java applications at reduced costs while ensuring greater speed, security and reliability